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Products & Services
Yogi Foundation provides competitive building solutions for…

1. Pre-Engineered Building
The Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) is a most efficient & preferred form of low rise building system for the spans ranging from 20 m to 80 m.peb nomenclature (Copy)

We Engineer, manufacture and supply the PEB’s with
Electrically operated Underhung & Overhead travelling cranes
Structural members composed of either
Built-up web tapered members
Standard hot rolled section with haunches at eaves and crown
Secondary members
Cold-formed steel purlins, girls and metal sheeting resulting in a cost effective and aesthetic structural system

2. Space Trusses
Space truss is a light weight structural system widely preferred for column free long span buildings [Airport hangers, Convention centre & Auditorium].DCF 1.0

The space trusses transfers the load in the three dimensional manner results in
Economic utilization of structural steel
Structural system with high strength to weight ratio

We Engineer, manufacture and supply the space trusses with
Flat or curved, single and double layer space grids
Any complex geometry of Architect’s choice as structural system
Acoustic & thermal insulation as per requirement

3. Modular Steel Solutions
We offer Modular construction as an attractive alternative, to the conventional masonry, RCC construction of site offices, low cost housing and small & medium commercial applications.CFS Image 1 (Copy)

The advantages of the Modular construction is …
It facilitates fast track construction & quick return of investment
Eco friendly, re-locatable, clean & dry construction
Wide range of construction material options for exterior & interior cladding as well as insulation
Suitable for construction in remote location
The self-weight of the structure is much less leads to significant savings in substructures/Foundations.

4. Solar Structures
Yogi foundation offers innovative, eco-friendly and economical structural solution for

Solar Panels (Copy)
Solar farms – Fixed and Tracking structural systems with Solar Photovoltaic panels (SPV).
Off-Grid stand-alone roof mounted power plant structures